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Organic groceries at home and 0 waste

The villagers don't shop anymore.

  • Consume organic and 0 waste up to 50% cheaper
  • Get delivery and automate your repetitive purchases


Let's give ourselves more time.

We have limited time on Earth. We should spend it with our loved ones, doing things we love. And yet we lose 10% of our free time in the shops and 6 months of our life in the queues.

Together, we’re going to tear down the old supermarkets and regain control of our lives. 

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Mass distribution has created a continent of plastic.

Yes, man has created a new floating continent and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 94% of the plastic dumped into our oceans ends up in the abyss.

Humanity is suffocating under single-use packaging.

More than 75% of our plastic waste is not recycled, even in the yellow bin.

Greenpeace, WWF and Seasheperd are clear: the only solution is to stop the production of single-use packaging by developing reuse and returnable products.

VracVillage, Bulk products at home

Consume responsibly.

VracVillage has set itself the goal of a positive ecological balance. For this, we compensate by financing reforestation.

We will carry out strong actions in order to reduce the ecological cost of transport as much as possible (reusable parcels and deposits, soft transport, etc.).

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Let's build the future now.

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